A bit about me

This is not the story of a guy that's had a camera firmly clutched in his hand since he was a lad. I've had a diverse career and photography, although a constant companion, has never demanded to be centre stage. Until recently.

My values, your gain

Mark Cannon portrait

My art is my business and I've put my name to it making Mark Cannon Photography an extension of me. That means my personal values are reflected in my business values, front and centre, it's who I am, it's what you can expect.

  • Equity: I'll be impartial and fair
  • Perception: I'm guided by my intuition and I'm looking to create images that get an emotional reaction from those I work with.
  • Transformation: My Improv experience helps you be spontaneous and that means I capture you at your best. Even if you dread stepping in front of a camera, you'll be transformed by the experience.

If these values resonant with you then you've found your photographer. Let's speak and explore how to capture you at your best.

Living life creatively

As I've matured as a person, the creative arts have played an increasingly important part of my life. I love my music yet have never learnt to play an instrument. A number of years ago I took dance lessons with my wife and now have a way to express myself to music. I hadn't acted since high school and I've now added performance to my creative repertoire by being part of an Improv troupe.

Re-connecting with photography at a far deeper level than I'd previously taken the art felt like a very natural step, part of the process of developing in to the new me.

If you're looking for images that capture the maverick you, the playful you, the serious you, the business you; let's speak and explore how we can get creative and showcase you at your best.


Form and function

The aesthetic of classic car design, that melding of form and function that in particular seems to be found in Italian machinery really fascinates me. I've owned Alfa Romeo cars on and off since my 20's and it truly seems that once bitten by 'the serpent' of Milano one becomes infatuated with Italian design. Although not currently driving an Alfa, my Ducati GT1000 and Vespa GTS 300 more than fill the aesthetic desire.

Another of my influences and inspirations comes from the Bauhaus principles of 'Kunst und Technik - eine neue Einheit' (Art and technology - a new unity) and you'll find that aesthetic running through my work.

If simple, clean lines, please you; I'm your photographer. If uncluttered images please you; I'm your photographer.

Being the Maverick

Photography offers me the opportunity to capture and immortalise the soul of the maverick; someone who is not living a vanilla life. It's the ability to showcase you at your best, be it through your fitness or performance.

Photography gives me the chance to explore elements of detail on cars or bikes that mean so much to you, presenting the story of your pride and joy, the way you want it.

Photography has firmly requested the spotlight.

What others are saying

Mark was a true pleasure to work with and I felt totally at ease. The shoot was professional, friendly, and collaborative.  Mark listened to the type of photographs that I wanted and in the end I received some wonderful shots.  I would definitely recommend him.

Lissy in Gastown


Registered Massage Therapist

You made it such a relaxed casual environment, the shoot itself was great fun. The communication was always excellent and I felt I knew exactly what was going on. You clearly explained what was going to happen and were open to feedback and requests (bike photos etc). I had a great time, very glad I did it and delighted with the photos that I got out of it.

Richie at Spanish Banks



Mark was a pleasure to work with. He is professional yet very calm and friendly, making you feel relaxed and can enjoy the experience. Would happily recommend!

A portrait of Ellie at Lynn Canyon


Environmental Specialist

This was my first ever photoshoot inside a studio and Mark welcomed me with such grace and ease. His soft spoken and clear directions along with his witty humor allowed me to quickly relax and enjoy the moment as it was.

Thank you so much Mark, this was such a stellar first experience.

I look forward to our next photo shoot!!

Portrait of Marlee



I wanted to have some new photos of me and my guitars. I also play bass so I wanted to show that side of me as well. Mark came over and we worked to find the right mood and inspiration and he delivered some killer images.

These images will be used in the promotion of my soon to be released EP.

The shoot was laid back and I’m really pleased with the results.

Portrait of Pressure


Composer, Musician

From the beginning Mark’s witty humour and relaxed demeanour immediately made me feel at ease with having my photos taken.  The end results were spectacular and really captured moments of joy and moments of reflection. If you are camera shy or in search of that elusive ‘beauty shot’ do not hesitate to book Mark as he will capture you in the most beautiful way. I cannot wait to book another session with such a talented and professional photographer.

A portrait of Shayna at Acadia Beach Vancouver


English Language Specialist

I needed images that showcased me as a versatile actor, something I could happily put in front of an agent and casting directors.

Mark provided me with just what I wanted while making the whole photo shoot fun, casual and relaxing.

I'm super happy with my photos

Portrait of Coan


Actor, Improviser

Being quite a nervous person, I felt totally at ease with Mark and would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for any photography services. He immediately made me feel at ease and calmed my worries on arrival and helped me through the whole process. I felt calm, relaxed and under no pressure and could just be myself the whole time. On top of that, the photos I received at the end were amazing and exactly what I was hoping for.

Give this guy a shot, you won't regret it! 10/10

Portrait of Chris


Aspiring extra

I was excited to shoot headshots with Mark and surprised by how "in my head" I felt initially. Mark did a fabulous job of engaging me and finding ideas I could relate to and relax into which allowed me to express my various 'selves' for the camera. Thanks Mark for a cool experience and some great photos!

Portrait of Ray



Let's do it

I know that you're looking for that perfect portrait that captures the soul of your maverick. It's nothing more than I'd want. The great thing is that I understand you, I get that you want to showcase your best self and, I'll work with you to do just that.

Every session is bespoke. It's about you. It's for you.

Let's do it.

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